Father of all fathers 

Happy Father’s Day to You, my Heavenly Father! Your wisdom and Your mercy and Your Love are just so much greater than we could ever imagine. Last night I dreamt that I had been stabbed in the heart by a friend for whatever reason, and they also had to stab themselves (so already really gory). But after I’d been stabbed, I remember someone had immediately come to my aid and stopped the blood from rushing and healed my heart. The wound was closed, but yet I was still afraid of dying, and a small amount of pain still lingered, making me wonder if I was just dying a slow death or if I had truly been saved. And as I started to reflect on my dream today, I realized that I think it carried some underlying meaning. I remember going around and saying my good-byes to everyone I knew just in case the worst happened. Every told me that they loved having me in their lives and I remember feeling really shocked. So now when I reflect, I’m a little saddened that that was my response. If I can’t realize that I am loved by those around me, then how can I realize that I am loved by God most importantly? In my dream, God was the stranger, the someone, the doctor, that miraculously healed me. He helps and talks to us through different people and events. He’s a mystery. He heals us–both our physical and spiritual wounds. Whether we’re on the brink of death or just reopening an old wound, He’s always ready to heal us and forgive us. His love cascades from His heart and into ours. Will we let that love stop with us, or will we spread it to help heal others, too?
Thank You, God our Father for every grace You’ve bestowed on us. We love You!! 

“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.” Psalm 68:5 


Strong&BeYOUtiful 🙂